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What the hell is going on! More and more are getting angry with the status quo. Jobs, money, careers, they all seem to be falling short of the standards for what is needed to live happy. I wonder why people are not fighting back. After all, the government is the one who is causing this.

I think we should replace the government with the people. Have new people come in once a week.

Start a lottery in each state, everyone over 25 years old is mandated to give one week a year to be in service. They are then given the latest items to know about regarding their state. They then give their thoughts.

Any corporate matters that are involved in their state must go through them. If these corporate matters are national, then every person gets the literature on the matter of that corporation. No money can be used by the corporation for influence.

All finances are dealt with by each state, and not by the federal bank. The federal bank is dissolved, the money owed to it is forgiven.

The pentagon is fully exposed for all its duties. Too the public and for the public. All money used for military purposes or non government vendors exposed, and controlled.

Minimum wage goes up to 15 an hour, and all corporations who refuse this are booted out of the USA or forced to be closed.

Small businesses are encouraged to open in their place, and will receive financial help upon application to a loan office set up by the people in the county.

It would be so easy to fix our issues and get rid of the current system that is killing us.